Thursday, April 15, 2004

amazingly, a9 turned up ZERO web results for 'blowjob'

and that's the fucking truth! amazon's new search service a9 is pretty rad, but that is just too fucking weird mang! in case you were wondering (and are too fucking lazy to click the fucking link), there were about 400 results from within the searchable books on amazon.

for comparison, searching for handjob on a9 turns up 861 web results, and 97 book results. searching for ANALINGUS turned up 361 web results and 50 book results. so this begs the question: what does amazon have against blowjobs?

other than this glaring -- GLARING -- omission, a9 is pretty fucking rad; i wish i was writing some type of research paper so that i could combine the power of searching the web with searching the texts of books. all the other niceties of a9 are pretty impressive too, such as the search history and the followed link history. i wish i could try out their toolbar b/c their diary feature sounds rad, but i aint tryin to use no internet explorer, ya heard? perhaps you haven't. i even think the ui is awesome -- with its draggable/resizable elements and what not --, and i'm not even really a ui geek.


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