Monday, April 26, 2004

Learn to be a non-showering hipster at home!

Well family, after watching my nerdy counter parts do their fair share of blogging for all of South India, i thought that i should join in the tom foolery. So, after many restless nights of thinking about what i do that wastes as much time as Jesus's websurfing/porn hounding, i decidided to share the only thing i One must understand, however, that i am what is known as a moderate 'hipster,' meaning i'm an asshole when it comes to music. Now that you all know this, i'm gonna hit you a group i just saw perform this weekend.

When trying to describe the secret machines, my friends and i had some problems. A very solid rock band to say the least, a friend of mine compared it to a stripped down version of your favorite album and mine--OK computer. Something else i read called the Pink Flyod if Pink Floyd were an indie band. Though i think comparing them to radiohead or Flyod is a bit of a streach, their abilities to weave a romantic sense of music and fluid lyrics allows them to stand out more that most bands. For me, it is not easy to concentrate on just the music or just the lyrics of this band. They go hand in hand so well and seemlessly flow into one sound that works to their advantage. From ballads that build and fall (The leaves are gone) to songs that make you wish you weren't listening to them through your 4x2 inch computer speakers (The Road Lead Where It's Led - my favorite and Pharaoh's Daughter - probably the song that sounds most like Pink Flyod). There sound is quite dynamic for only 3 guys and they have a good variation in their sound. Anyway, go to the website and listen to their streaming album. Their album comes out on May 18th and they are touring this summer. They are also really nice guys, i got to meet them--enjoy


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