Thursday, May 06, 2004

Easy as pie, 3.14 – One more, one false move and their done for

Sorry I’m not writing about telegraph or torturing people or you know important stuff, but the only thing my life consists of is music, as I, as the name states, have no friends. Anyway, I’m here to tell you about one of the most anticipated albums this year from the basement of West Coast rap. I don’t know how much you know about the underground and I’m going to continue to assume that you all are ignorant fucks, so I guess the first thing is first.

MADLIB – DJ like none other. Samples things that I would have never imagined to sample before (ie: street fighter II and 80’s b movies). His manner of producing/beat making/making love with my ear is beyond what I can really say in words. I can just explain the way that it exists in space. Like constellations, one looks upon this galaxy of sound to see how Madlib’s seemingly random notes to make a gorgeous image. Normally we are the people bringing the stars into a picture, but this time, Madlib is the one showing up the beauty in his sound. The sound is his galaxy and he brings all of it together so that when you listen to the deepest part of the sound you begin to believe the design argument of sound. Not god…just sound.

QUASIMOTO – The alter ego of Madlib. Though I haven’t been in this game for long, this, in my opinion, is one of the most interesting DJ going MC I’ve seen. Unlike most rapper, Quasi keeps his DJ abilities the focus as he takes his spoken word and ends up making it go through his equipment. When you hear Quasi for the first time you are going to think one thing and one thing alone: Steve Urkel on helium. This is because Madlib is too much of a DJ to use his voice at a regular speed and instead speeds it up to around 2x.

MF DOOM – The biggest up and coming backpacking MC in the last couple of years. Any of you who listened to the abstract hip hop movement often told by Kool Keith’s alter ego DR. OCTAGON – then you will be somewhat familiar with this breed of rapping. Though Doc Oct was a bit out there when trying to rap about a time in the future that was decidedly overrun by perversion, MF Doom keeps it much more down to earth. His call as Madvillain should be the Geek signal in the sky. I mean seriously, who makes an album based on a failed comic book idea. (For those of you who know not what I mean, check out this pitchfork review of the album).

The merger of these two brings nothing more than pure happiness to my heart. Very few things entertain me more than following Mandy Moore for “ideas,” but sitting down and listening to the samples that seem to me shouldn’t exist or be coherent overlain with the rougher drum/bass line like voice of MF Doom just, for some reason, allows me to stop what I’m doing and just slip away in a world that feels like cell animated beats. Enough of this though…here WERE the mp3’s, they are gone now. Email me if you want some shizzzzzzit. Enjoy and remember – I hate you.

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