Monday, July 05, 2004

British People might have bad teeth, but at least the make good music...

The worst part about trying to write these things is having read review(s) of
the album making it hard to figure out what I actually am saying and what I have
already read.
Anyway, it can't be helped now and I know that I will be repeating some of the
things already said in the review, but they are important to say, so I will repeat

A Grand Don't Come for Free.

Though I can easily say that I wasn't a big fan of the first Streets album except
for the opening track, the sophomore attempt of Mike Skinner makes me feel much
better about the critical acclaim that he (the Streets) have been getting

Where I felt the first album had failed I feel the second album as remedied. The
first album to me was too choppy for my likes. Almost every track sounded the
same, just an English guy trying to choppily rap over beats that were just as
cut up (no pun intended) as his rapping style. The beauty of A Grand Don't come
for Free comes from the contrast that Skinner brings into this album. It seems
as if every odd numbered track reminds me of the first album while the even number
tracks show a different side of Skinner's ability as an artist. Through the music
in the back is essentially a backdrop to what is going on verbally (which is true
for most hip hop albums) the music of the album works like the overly surrealistic
scenery in a play on Dalì or the orchestral scores of John

This allows for a story to be told without too much being taken away from the
story. The problem with a lot of movies nowadays is the lack of storyline. The
basis of a story is dialogue and not showy CGI, but for some reason along the
way, movie producers decided that it wasn't. In this way, Skinner tells of a story
of love and money both gained and lost without having to use a gimmick. What I
like about this album is the fact that it is a concept album and not an ethereal
concept such as a Radiohead album. Instead, it is like listening to a book on
tape with a beat. Overall, this album is deffinately worth the buy. I ended up
getting it for under $10 and it was well worth it. Tracks

Here are two mp3s
Blinded by the lights - What i failed to mention above is that the music is very down to earth. This song is a good example of how easy it is to feel alone in a crowded place.
Dry your eyes - Single handedly the greatest recreation of what it feels like when a girl you really like breaks up with you. My favorite song of the moment.


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