Thursday, July 22, 2004

A View From the Top of the Mountain

People in the ED are out of their fucking minds.  What is the state of the American health care system that people come here for pregancy tests and throat cultures?  I don't think I have the intellect or wherewithal to come up with a particuarly interesting anecdote or reflection, but I can make a few simple observations about working in the Emergency Department.
1  People who come to the ED are, in general, crazy and full of stink.
2. Crack cocaine should not be smoked before 10 AM.
3. Alcohol should not be consumed by the liter.
4. If your legs look like the trunk of a sequoia, hey, asshole!, you probably need to see a doctor. Or stop eating pringles. Whichever comes first.
5. Bedpans are poor substitutions for toilet seats.
6. Everyone wants everyone else to do their work.
7. Psychotic people make me wish that I could fight.
8-10 involve my decision to come to medical school and what would have been a better decision to grow a goatee and beg for change.  But I'll save that for later.

This may not be the most enlightening, introspective, or even interesting post, but hey, as my main man Jesus Henry Christos says, it only stays up until the next post.  So post on, playas!


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