Friday, October 22, 2004

So long, Goodbye (Elliott Smith Tribute)

It was about this time last year that I heard about the death of Elliott Smith. It was all too surreal to me. Though his songs were always depressing, the word on the street was that he was making a comback. Elliott told us stories of his alcoholism and addiction to herion in his first two albums, Roman Candle and Elliott Smith, but they seemed to go away Either/Or [2], XO, and Figure 8. It was reported that he was doing much better by the time that he went from his small time label Kill Rock Stars to Dreamworks. But apparently the fame had gotten to him. He said he started to feel closterphobic, which I suppose to anyone who would change their name from Steven Paul to Elliott, to feel less jock like, would be a major problem. Elliott was never one for the fame. This apparently forced him back to drugs and alcohol.

It was reported that he was back to his old haunts before his death. One year ago, it was reported that he died from two stab woulds to his heart. At the time they were supposedly self-inflicted, but the correner deemed it inconclusive of suicide. When I heard he died, there was no doubt in my mind that he committed suicide. It seemed as if all the signs pointed to yes. It was a huge blow in my life. How could someone who I respected and loved, simply through music, die by his own hands? He was the one there for me when no one else could be there for me, yet now suddenly he was gone. Though I never knew him, I felt as if his presence from my life was gone. As if the fact that he was still living anywhere gave me the strengh to keep on pushing on. But then he was gone, leaving a gaping whole in my chest as well as others. One year later, his last album was released. Basement at the Botom of the Hill had to be finished by friends of Elliott and lacks the unity and cohesive sound that made Elliott's music what it was.
I may have never known Elliott Smith, but I just wanted to state how much of a difference his music has made in my life. I still miss him one year later and probably always will.

[Some tracks from NPR of newest album]

Some Song - unreleased on an album
Between the Bars - Released on Either/Or. Also on Good Will Hunting Soundtrack

if you want anymore, you can always purchase his albums


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