Saturday, November 13, 2004

Things We Already Knew

As it is both a clear and distinct perception that my music is indeed better than yous, I want to show you what music I listen to.* Though I would love to kinap and tie each and every one of you to a chair with sound outputs attached directly to your baslar membrane so that you could hear the best music on the face of the earth, I sadly cannot. Sigh, how I dream of stimulating your phase locking hair foliciles to Cornelius or Neutral Milk Hotel... but alas, the follies of youth...

Thusly, I must show you what part of my 30+ days worth of music I have on my computer that I actually listen to. How, you ask? With Audioscrobbler, oh simpletons music filled internet. It takes note of what I listen to then gives stats on interesting things. Also, for the first 30 days you are able to listen to a personalized radiostation. So, kiddies, DJ I Have No Friends' music is located here.

*For proof see Descartes Meditation 3, where he mistakenly calls the infinite subtance God, where he actually means "my music." It was an error on his behalf when he was writting it in Latin.


At 11:08 PM, Blogger Jesus Henry Christos said...

where's all the ashlee simpson tracks that you are always trying to get me to listen to?


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