Thursday, April 21, 2005

bennifer going to the chapel?

apparently, mr affleck will finally have a jennifer as his wife.

So go reports that have Oscar winner Ben Affleck newly--or at least likely--engaged to Alias girlfriend Jennifer Garner.

According to E! Online columnist Ted Casablanca, Affleck flew Garner's kin from West Virginia to California last weekend for a surprise party honoring his leading lady at her Brentwood home. Sunday was Garner's 33rd birthday. But the understanding among the actress' family, Casablanca reported, was that Affleck was to use the bash to propose. The question apparently was popped in private, Casablanca reported.

Star, meanwhile, noted that Affleck had a 4.5-carat number from Harry Winston "flown in"--from where, it wasn't clear--for the occasion.

so uh, i think jennifer garner is hot. she just has big ass ears. when she tucks her hair behind them and unmasks her goods, i want to rip the bitch's head off. you know, shes from and ive heard this great joke:

q: how do you circumcise a guy from

a: hit his sister's chin!
(for clarification, see me in private.)


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