Sunday, April 24, 2005

Hey Sugah...

In between burning down villages, I saw 20/20 on Friday night on ABC and learned that there is no substantial proof that sugar makes kids hyper. But Fin Fang Foom gets so excited after eating sugar!! Wait... no.. that's after I eat babies.

As an aspiring parent, I checked both and
"...sugar itself isn't the culprit, says Alan Greene, M.D., a pediatrician in Palo Alto, California. Any food that affects blood-sugar levels (a tomato as well as a candy bar) can create an adrenaline surge, which may lead to a burst of energy. That effect is usually mitigated by fiber, which helps pipe everything into the bloodstream at a steady pace. However, many sugary treats are low in fiber, and it's that fact that explains the energy burst -- not the sugar itself."
"...Mark Wolraich, an Oklahoma developmental-behavioural paediatrician, did a study in which 48 children were given three different, strictly controlled diets... Wolraich and his colleagues published a meta-analysis of 23 studies. Most of these involved “challenge” tests, in which researchers gave children sugar in a lab setting and observed them for behaviour changes. “Once again, we found no effect of sugar on behaviour,” says Wolraich. Meanwhile, in a 1994 American study, children believed to be sensitive to sugar were given food containing artificial sweetener in the presence of their parents. Half the parents were told their children were getting sugar. Those parents rated their kids’ behaviour as worse than the parents who were told their children were getting artificial sweetener."

Also, interesting from DukeMed:
"And where did this myth come from? [Dr. Richard] Surwit [,chief of medical psychology at Duke University Medical Center,] says it originated during World War II, when sugar was in short supply and the government wanted to reduce consumption.

"In order to keep people from eating it, they spread this as part of their propaganda. Then, after the war was over, it just stuck."

Fin Fang Foom wants a Snickers.


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