Saturday, April 23, 2005

mama, do i have a new daddy?

holy new pope benedict! check this out:

Photos have appeared in the London Sun of the couple [brad pitt and angelina jolie] walking on a romantic beach "in an African country," possibly Tanzania, with Maddox trailing along. One picture has Pitt holding a sand bucket and talking to Maddox with Jolie in a strapless black sundress standing very close holding sand shovels. Other photos have Jolie sunbathing while Pitt helps Maddox build sand castles. One witness says the three spent the day on the beach and were later picked up by a car.

The photos, sold at top dollar to the Sun, will also appear in Us Weekly in the U.S. next week.

brad is an idiot. whys he trying to get with a baby's mama? he needs to start fucking as many bitches as possible. if hes trying to change diapers and shit, then he needs to sign his monopoly of many bitches wanting to fuck him over to me. i did a movie about chillin with kids and i still suck. brad hangs out with kids and hes the sexiest man alive. fuck i hate him.


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