Saturday, April 30, 2005


FFF's arch enemy
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Overheard one-liner:
-Chick on cell: He said I'm high maintenance. I am not high maintenance...I'm crazy, but I'm not high maintenance.

Overheard on vegetarianism:
-NYU chick #1: Aren't vegetarian hot dogs just as sketchy as normal hot dogs?
-NYU chick #2: Maybe, but I would rather eat the stamen of a sketchy plant than the anus of a sketchy pig.
(From Overheard in New York)

Overheard on NPR:
-Freak No. 1: I heared about the China folks making all the t-shirts in China for the US of A.
-Freak No. 2: What?
-Freak No. 1: I said I was listening to NPR. They had this thing about China. They make all the t-shirts for th’ US of A now. All of em.
-Freak No. 2: For real?
-Freak No. 1: Oh yeah. This guy says, he says, “My wife work at the Wal-Marts and we is looking through the t-shirts tags and they all says Made in China, Made in Mexico. Oh, and this one British guy makes a lot, too.
-Freak No. 2: What British guy?
-Freak No. 1: Sir Lanka.
-Freak No. 2: You dumb fuck. SRI Lanka.
-Freak No. 1: Hey, fuck you. It’s Sir Lanka. He said so. On EN-PEE-ARE. You need a book.
-Freak No. 2: You need a map.
(From Davezilla)


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