Thursday, April 14, 2005

welcome to me

to all the small people out there,

in between the filming of my many horrible movies, ive decided to entertain you idiots with my blogging feats. if at any point i get bored by the mediocrity of this supposed "excellence", i shall withdraw my efforts and concentrate once again on my fabulous biceps and triceps. so be kind, rewind. and always remember that you are ugly, and i am not. good day

for those with inquiring minds such as mine:

Ashlee Backs Teen Pregnancy Prevention Campaign
Posted on Wednesday, April 06 @ 09:34:28 CDT by MusicMan

"MTV News reports that after working with Candie's last fall to encourage people to vote, Ashlee Simpson is teaming up with the shoe company once again for a different cause: to raise awareness about teen pregnancy. Simpson will be co-headlining "The Event to Prevent," a concert the Candie's Foundation is holding May 3 at New York's Gotham Hall. The event will also feature Jewel and will honor Katie Couric and Jane Fonda."

Well she has been fuckin' the public for the past year !! by Hunglo on Wednesday, April 06 @ 13:55:29 CDT


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