Monday, July 18, 2005

Living your dream

From the Express:
"Pittsburgh police have flagged a man for an illegal quaterback sneak. Brian Jackson was charged Friday with dating two women while pretending to be Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks Ben Roethlisberger and Brian St. Pierre. In the most recent scam, Jackson took one woman on a date July 6 and pretended to be Roethlisberger, giving her an autographed football and ruining a $75 Steelers jersey owned by one of the women's neighbors when he signed his worthless rendition of Roethlisberger's autograph on it, authorities said. She later learned from the neighbor that the man wasn't Roethlisberger." (AP)

Brought to mind is the time that my (newly and quite profoundly post-bacc'd) friend paraded as the Terrible Towel. The complete antithesis of Mr. Jackson, however, my carefully steam-pressed friend did so for Pittsburgh street cred, inadvertently but effectively undermining any attempt to get some tail.

I know I know.. Fin Fang Foom is jealous b/c of your thick and flowing hair you bastard why must you hit me where it hurts.

Go Steelers!


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