Sunday, April 11, 2004

wow, these predictions (accusations?) about where google will go next are pretty crazy/impressive (definitely take the time to at least read the kottke post).
google really has become more of a 'second computer' than i could have imagined. i use it to fucking spellcheck for christ's sake. it probably has enhanced (or at least changed) my life in more ways that i would care to admit.
i even have this crazy idea floating in my head of google haves and have-nots: a distinction made between people who can and can't formulate good search querries, resulting in an information imbalance that goes on to influence effeciency/efficacy/enjoyment in work and personal life.
but that's just me talking, and i spend 20 hours a day infront of a god damn computer, so maybe real people are concerned more about stuff like american idol or the apprentice whatever than any of the things that google provides.


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