Friday, May 21, 2004

it's difficult for me to even write about this.

remember when the pirates were good? remember those days??? when we had post-seasons?

the pirates used to be like wu-tang before they all started dropping solo-records. barry bonds was the rza, bobby bo was the gza, andy van slyke was meth......michael eugene "spanky" lavalliere was the odb.

well, the girl hacker had to go and remind me about all that crap (and by crap i mean sid bream) by talking about knuckleballers and pointing to this new yorker article on the art-form.

...remember tim wakefield winning games 3 AND 6? as a rookie? god, those were great days.

the new yorker article talks about how wakefield became a pitcher when a coach saw him goofing around on the sideline throwing knucklers. hilarious.

now i'm going to go cry.


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