Tuesday, June 15, 2004

more reasons to read

i can't remember where i first saw this, but it's great:

LONDON (Reuters) - In a bid to lure men in Britain away from TV soccer games and into book shops, publisher Penguin Books will send out a sexy model to offer 1,000-pound ($1,837) prizes to males spotted reading a selected title.
At the same time, Penguin, a unit of Pearson Plc, released results of a poll in which 85 percent of women said a man could increase his chances of getting a date by talking about a favorite book.

By contrast, more than half the men polled said they believed that flattering a woman would suffice to impress her.

not unexpectedly, the same report goes on to say that reading blogs DECREASE your chances of getting laid to a value that asymptotically approaches negative infinity.

UPDATE: i found it over at adrants. jhc


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