Monday, January 17, 2005

steelers v. jets commentary

the nytimes has an article about the steelers victory over the jets:

"Football isn't really something to pray for," Ed Haberman said after the noon Mass. "Everyone should be praying for the victims of the tsunami. But I think most of us in this city yesterday were saying some kind of prayer. When we woke up today, the feeling was just relief. Pure relief."
As Brien lined up for his winning attempt with four seconds left, Roethlisberger and Hines Ward, his favorite receiver, prayed for him to miss it. The Habermans, season-ticket holders from Johnstown, Pa., who sit directly behind the uprights Brien was aiming to split, joined along. Cornerback Willie Williams said, "Miss, miss, miss." Center Jeff Hartings said, "It sounds a little corny, but God's in control."
Murphy said he flew to Pittsburgh with his wife last week from his home in Orange County, Calif., bought two tickets for the game - second-row tickets on the 50-yard-line - then had to leave the game at halftime because his wife, who is pregnant, had a cold. He watched the second half in his hotel room.

He said that if the Steelers had not won, he feared that he might never have forgiven his wife and unborn child.

Instead, a marriage was saved, a season was continued and a city found religion.

what a game...

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