Monday, April 12, 2004

just saw 'the kite' starring this little strumpet who i would gladly step on a landmine for.
this excellent movie takes place along the border of lebanon and israel, and is about a lot of things. . . mostly revolving around fresh young 15 year old olive skin, pouty lips, and legs that go all the way up to here. what most people forget about this war torn political hotbed -- and the point that this movie really hammers home -- is that israeli, jordanian, syrian, and lebanese girls are FUCKING HOTTER THAN SHIT. i can't remember the last time i have met a girl from any of those countries and not jacked off to them. don't believe me? BOOYAH!!
in summary: kikes and towel-heads, why the fuck are you fucking throwing rocks/hellfire missles at each other when you should be fucking all the hot girls over there? seriously.


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