Friday, May 21, 2004

copenhagen consensus

via green hat journal:

check out the copenhagen consensus, which strives to direct the world's social efforts. from their website:

Copenhagen Consensus is based on the aim to improve prioritization of limited means. The world is faced with a countless number of challenges such as diseases, environmental degradation, armed conflicts and financial instability. Copenhagen Consensus takes a new and critical-analytical approach to assessing the effects of international opportunities for solving the challenges.

the 10 challenges that they will focus on are:
  1. Climate Change
  2. Communicable Diseases
  3. Conflicts
  4. Education
  5. Financial Instability
  6. Governance and Corruption
  7. Malnutrition and Hunger
  8. Population: Migration
  9. Sanitation and Water
  10. Subsidies and Trade Barriers

their meeting will be taking place soon (24th-28th), so hopefully, some interesting ideas will be presented...

plus, it'll let jagdish bhagwati show what he's got at the danish discotheques:

UPDATE: like an idiot, i forgot to put a link for the copenhagen consensus when i first posted this entry. that has since been rectified.


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