Wednesday, May 12, 2004

gone too far

via gabba:

i'm down with hip hop reaching out of the bitches, guns, and jewelry ghetto that it currently occupies, but this guy mocky put out a track (available on gabba) that is so ludicris that only dj i have no friends or young torless could possibly bop their heads to it. the hook is something like this:

read your faust motherfuckers,
i make you bounce motherfucers,
marcel proust motherfuckers.

that's right: marcel proust.......motherfuckers. reminds me of a book i never read on the collision of high brow and low brow culture entitled nobrow: the culture of marketing, the marketing of culture, which seemed interesting for the 20 seconds i pretended to read it at barnes & noble's while actually staring at some girl's cleavage.


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