Monday, May 10, 2004

introducing rush limbaugh to the tossed salad man

dongresin has a nice snip about rush limbaugh's recent comments on the iraq prison situation:

First of all, it's been revealed that the sort of abuses that go on in every prison in existence also somehow goes on in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.
Now, not one motherfucker in Iraq has ever doubted this for a second, but thanks to some photos, we all have yet more proof of what a slimy douchebag Rush Limbaugh is.
You'd think for someone so close to going to prison himself, he'd have a less caviler attitude about sexual humiliation and sodomy.
Here's my pledge to you, reader of The Joint : if it turns out that Rush Limbaugh goes to prison, I will get myself incarcerated in that same prison just so you can be certain someone sodomizes him with plunger handle. Then, he can say firsthand and with some real knowledge how that's not really torture.
I may also teabag him if I'm feeling jaunty that day.
Hard to say. Prison is upsetting.


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