Thursday, May 06, 2004

ann coulter: watch your back

that's right! right wing america has a new sex symbol, and her name is lynndie england. boingboing points to some info on the prison torturette and future national review playmate in this daily telegraph article. i have no idea if the paper is reputable, but here are some gems:

She faces a court martial, but at home she is toasted as a hero. At the dingy Corner Club Saloon they think she has done nothing wrong.

"A lot of people here think they ought to just blow up the whole of Iraq," Colleen Kesner said.

"We went there to help the jackasses and they started blowing us up. Lynndie didn't kill 'em, she didn't cut 'em up. She should have shot some of the suckers."

also, why aren't people making a big deal about the dude in the photos? he's wearing light blue latex gloves in a room full of bent over naked men for god's sake! i don't even want to know.

i think it's kinda fitting that this stuff comes out while the right wing america is bashing kerry for saying that atrocities occurred during vietnam. i'm kinda pissed at kerry for backing away from that statement. of course atrocities occurred during vietnam....i think the american public needs to be educated as to what exactly happens during war.


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