Tuesday, June 08, 2004

insulting reasonable people on a daily basis.

since i feel like having nothing but posts on economics and informatics goes somewhat against the original intent of excellence through mediocrity, i will hit you with some of the good stuff. first up? kate beckinsale. good god woman, are you trying to kill me?

next up is mandy "manderson" moore.

so fresh so clean.
you'll like the above mandy moore links. click them.

finishing up the round is a personal fave and a hometown girl, christina aguilera. she is flanked by sharon stone who probably has just said something dumb about tibet, and lindasy lohan, who i am no longer feeling. of particular import, notice miss aguilera's ass, highlighted below for your viewing pleasure and future discussion:

could this ass be any better? possibly. as is, it appears to have been engineered by technicians who reside at levels quite proximal god, so it is doubtable that superior posteriors could be found on this mortal coil....

i'll be talking about microfinance tomorrow, so enjoy while you can.

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