Tuesday, June 22, 2004

the medium is the massacre

via adrants:

the nyt reports on a nato ad campaign in bosnia that they hope will lead to the capture of suspected war criminal radovan karadzic:

The military alliance paid for a billboard advertising campaign to coincide with Radovan Karadzic's birthday last Saturday. He is the most wanted suspect, the former Bosnian Serb leader.

The advertisements offer him a free one-way plane ticket to The Hague, the home of the United Nations war crimes tribunal. Advertising campaigns have been tried before, but without success.

i'm not sure if the 'free plane ticket offer' is meant to be "ha-ha funny" or "i-think-it's-time-to-blow-my-brains-out funny". in either case, it looks like nato supreme allied commander europe joseph ralston is doing peyote again. (i love how nato doesn't put an 'of' inbetween 'commander' and 'europe' in that title. that's how hardcore nato is: they want to kill your ass so badly that they don't even take the time for prepositions.)

but they better find karadzic soon, because they bought that ticket on priceline.com, and you can't change the dates on those things.

"I like to think of NATO as a military alliance and not a P.R. company," said Mirza Hajric, a Bosnian Muslim and a onetime adviser to the former Bosnian Muslim leader, Alija Izetbegovic.

"NATO has been here for over 3,000 days, and it has not succeeded in arresting a few war criminals. That seriously undermines its credibility."

mirza, mirza, mirza...why do you always have to be so negative? why can't you focus on all the good things that nato has done? like bombing the fuck out of your country?

you know what this ad campaign really needs? you know what would give it some teeth?



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