Sunday, July 25, 2004

if this actually worked, then there would be no crime in paris

the big brother sent me this story on 'the man' using skunk stank to ward off drug users in condemed buildings:

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Drug users and prostitutes are turning up their noses at the condemned buildings they once frequented in Richland County. Deputies here have begun using a chemical spray that makes the places smell like a skunk has come calling.
"In the 11 places we've used it, it has been very successful," said Lott, who ordered 10 tubes of gel at $14.95 each in January.
A growing number of law enforcement agencies across the country have turned to the product to ward off trespassers, said Duncan MacMorran, chief executive of Connovation, which manufactures and distributes the gel.

The Los Angeles County sheriff's department began using it 18 months ago, said Lt. Shaun Mathers. In the Compton area near Los Angeles, abandoned buildings had been a hot spot for people to hang out and drink until they got a whiff of Skunk Shot.

"There's nothing cool about sitting around drinking beer when it smells like a skunk," said Mathers, who sells the product to other agencies as a side job.

i bet you in 3 months, it actually will become cool to sit around and drink beer when it smells like skunk. kids these days are so funny....especially when they are smoking crack and fucking prostitutes.


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