Sunday, February 27, 2005


The Parents Television Council: "...the e-mail factory that Mediaweek magazine credits with as much as 99.9 percent of all indecency complaints to the F.C.C. in 2004. It is also quite a little fount of salacious entertainment in its own right. On its Web site, the organization's tireless "entertainment analysts" compile a list of every naughty word used on television and invite visitors to "Watch the Worst TV Clip of the Week." An archive of past clips - helpfully labeled individually by sin ("gratuitous teen sex," "necrophilia") - is there for your pleasure, with no requirement for the credit card number or membership fee that porn Internet sites use as a roadblock for children." (according to this [NYTimes Article].)

I'll save you the trouble of going to find the clips. [Worst TV Clip of the Week Archives].

Anyway, my favorite clip is the South Park whoreoff. Gotta love South Park.


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