Wednesday, April 13, 2005

some numbers on social security

bush devil

some numbers on social security, via the past couple harper's indices

Amount to which a San Diego defense analyst’s payments to Social Security had appreciated when he retired in 1994: $261,372

Amount to which he calculated they would have grown if he had invested in a Dow Jones index fund instead: $248,166

Percentage of Social Security contributions that go toward administrative costs: 0.6

Average percentage of contributions to Britain's privatized pension system that do: 30

(pic is stencilled graffiti of gwb w/ horns. a happy coincidence that this pic goes w/ this post...i actually don't care about social security privatization b/c I'M RICH YOU UPPER MIDDLE CLASS FOOLS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. oh dear, i do think it's tea time.)

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