Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lava, not just for lamps anymore

Here's a story about a guy who decides to go hiking in a lava field to take a closer look at an active volcano. Sound like a good idea at first, but without telling people where he was going, and going alone, doesn't sound so good any more. He remembers the camera, forgets the bottled water. Hey idiot, you're walking towards an active volcano.

Why is it that such morons without common sense can get through that kind of an ordeal unscathed and I can't remember on what level of the garage I parked. And I'm going to medical school.

Oh well. My only solace was that he had to drink "...muddy, green, mossy water,..." to survive. Which, by now, is giving him muddy, green, mossy shits.

Asked later what his biggest regret about the ordeal was, he replied, "I wish I hadn't dropped the rental car keys in the lava." He later admitted to not getting the insurance.


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