Tuesday, April 13, 2004

i wish i was a kid again

i want to buy the ann "goebbels with tits" coulter doll and the jesus doll and make them hump each other.

there are some other cool dolls at both websites (unfortunately (fortunately?), the right wing neo-nazi dolls do not have their own page, but if you scroll down on the ann coulter doll page, there are links on the left).

tangentially, there is only one page that google returns when searching for the phrase "ann coulter is a stupid fucking cunt". hopefully, this humble blog will work to remedy this situation. i encourage my fellow posters to sprinkle their posts/comments with any such syntactical variant that maintains the semantic purpose of the quotation in question. because if google doesn't think that ann coulter is a cunt, then the terrorists really have won.


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