Friday, April 23, 2004

News from the town of princes

Our great guru has abandoned us--we have been left to our own devices and shall run rampant upon this earth. Where have you gone o guru? Why hast thou forsaken us?

In your stead I shall tell a story. The setting: the student coffee house at a major university. The story: boy has crush on girl. However, boy is intensely shy and unable to muster courage to talk to girl. (Sounds like the beginning of many stories) Boy pines after girl for 5 weeks, returning every day to coffee shop just to sit around girl. Eventually girl notices something and talks to boy. Boy is ecstatic and buys girl coffee. Girl smiles and accepts. The beginning of a beautiful romance? Not in this university. Girl accuses boy of being a stalker. Laughable? Sad? Absurd? Maybe all of the above, but also a true story and not the first time we've heard this story from the hallowed halls of ivy.


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