Saturday, May 22, 2004

indian sexual relations

some bollywood actress that i've never heard of named preity zinta has written an editorial on the bbc about indian men acting like barbarians. personally, i believe that it's my birthright as an indian male [which i am not] to grab girl's asses in the malls of delhi or caress their bossoms as they sleep on the train to lucknow. plus, i should be allowed to grow a mustache, wear aviator sunglasses, and have a hairy chest.

On view are videos where the camera zooms in and out of the girl's anatomy, accompanied by vulgar and crude remix music which single-mindedly murders classic Indian film songs.

There is one video in which a man on a train has a drink and sees a properly dressed girl morphing into a little sex kitten in a bikini top and a slit skirt. Then they begin a dirty dance inside the compartment.


It's all about men imitating all the dangerously sexist images of women that our media spits out day and night. I daresay that some of today's cinema is also to blame.

Unlike the Hindi film heroine of yesteryear, who was largely the epitome of purity and had a certain dignity, there is today an emerging "genre" of B-grade skin flicks that showcase "sexy" heroines in slinky costumes.

In one such film, the hero grabs his heroine on a smoky strobe-lit dance floor and orders her to stare at him till she goes weak in the knees and begins breathing heavily. All this in their first interaction!

too bad she doesn't mention the titles of the videos and 'b-grade skin flicks'...i think i would watch them religiously.

i think that her editorial addresses little more than the stupidity of indian men, and while she is correct in viewing such behavior with contempt, i wish ms. zinta would have addressed the growing problem of real violence against south asian women that exists somewhat orthogonally to pinched asses. please visit sakhi's website for more information about what you can do to help (either through donations, attending fund raisers, or by spreading the word).


At 9:05 PM, Blogger torless said...

Terrible. Terrible. As Chris Rock said: "The media never robbed me! Ted Koppel never held me up at an ATM."

At 1:30 AM, Blogger Jesus Henry Christos said...

yeah, while i sympathise with her plight, blaming it on media is kinda bogus. indian men have been dirtbags since dvapara yuga. they've been throwing widows on funeral pyres well before 'saved by the bell' started getting syndicated on zee-tv.


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