Monday, May 24, 2004

is the party just starting or just getting over?

i gotta admit, blogger's photoblogging system is kinda cool. it makes me wish i had more than just fake nudes of mandy moore to share with you guys.

it all works through "hello", a new chat client which kinda sucks and is kinda cool at the same time.

the sucky part is of course that the last thing the world needs is another chat client/network. also adding to the suckage is that the hello client is windows only.

what's cool is that you just drag a photo into the chat client, write the caption right there, and then send it off -- and blogger hosts the images for me. all the resizing, html tags, etc. is taken care of by the hello client. before, i had to jump trough a few more hoops to put images up, so i definitely appreciate what they have going on over here.

interestingly, hello is an idealab! company. if you don't remember, idealab! was the much heralded, and then much maligned, .com incubator that got a lot of press during the boom. it's good to see that they are still around and kicking and putting out good products.

oh, another crappy thing? you can't add post titles directly in the client: you have to go in through blogger and edit them yourself.

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