Friday, June 25, 2004

information overload and why i love girls named tracy

so i was checking my referrer logs the other day and i saw that someone came to the site via a pubsub link. i guess the service has been around for a while, but i never knew about it. anyway, it is basically a continously updated search with results provided over rss. so you drop the rss feed into your aggregator and it's all gravy baby: you're now subscribed to a service that lets you know when people start talking about a subject that interests you.

not only can you subscribe to feeds based on search words, but you can also track URI's, so it's a near-realtime technorati. they don't just do blogs either: if star trek conventions are your thing, you can track newsgroups, and if you're the type that jacks off to maria bartiromo, you can get SEC EDGAR feeds.

if rss is too proletarian for you, you can publish the feed over the jabber protocol (XMPP), so you can get your data LEGITIMATELY PUSHED in real-time to you your lazy ass [read this and this too].

you still want more? a fucking REST interface, okay? i don't even know what good that does, but it gives carlos perez a boner, so that's about as much street cred you can ask for in a technology.

ultimately, i think it's a pretty good way to combat the information overload that a lot of us are going through right now. while it does drop even more to my already overflowing plate o' shit, the information presented seem more high-value to me. more "blog for your buck" so to speak.

mike davidson discussed information overload recently and prefers an agent-based solution. pubsub is the first step towards such an information environment. incidentally, davidson also points to newsmap, which is a really cool use of treemaps providing a news-media zeitgeist.

(the newsmap site also has the most beautiful 404's i've ever seen, nudging past france's ministry of culture's 404's). check the hive group if you want more treemap goodness).

so of course, the first pubsub feed i made was for blowjobs, continuing my long standing tradition. unfortunately, most of the links were stupid and about jeri ryan or bill clinton or some other nonsense that i couldn't care less about. but there was some GOLD my friends.

like this lady (pic) with a phd in pharmacology from the university of texas houston medical school that gave blowjobs for doing her favors like helping her move, guitar lessons, etc. she also was a prostitute for charity. her name's tracy, and she's one more data point in an ever-growing list of reasons why girls named tracy make my world go round. girls named abby are my numero dos.


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