Saturday, September 04, 2004

international disapproval

john robb points to a christian science monitor article about america's disapproval ratings in muslim middle-eastern countries. hazard to take a guess what they're like?

normally, i couldn't care less what a bunch of camel jockeys think about us -- that's just the way i roll --, but it is becoming increasingly clear that these guys take shit way too seriously. so the question becomes, how do we get momar to stop bombing the fuck out of everybody without me having to give up my quarter-terabyte collection of pornography? b/c if i have to do an rm -rf on my "others" directory, then the terrorists truly have won.

the answer is probably as fundamental as changing the way we view success, individuality, ownership, and fairness...or as the political establishment succinctly calls it, "fagging it up big time". will this ever happen? fuck no. i mean, it happens here and there, like at whole foods or in the free/open-source software movements, but besides that...get real.

so what can we do that's realistic? simple: start a basketball league in the occupied territories and give some palestinian guy named muffassa an old 808 drum kit and a 4-track so he can start laying down beats.


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