Thursday, April 14, 2005

back from st. louis

gateway arch

went to st. louis mon/tue/wed for an interview.
def. a nice town...not too big, not too small, nice sky & sunsets.

it reminded me a lot of baltimore:
very patchy,
but it doesn't seem like the restuarants are nearly as good
(admittedly, big shoes to fill).

i did walk a mile through monsoon-like conditions for my first del taco experience. was it worth it? not really, but on the way, i stopped at the half-mile point to get fries at rally's...they kicked ass as always.

being in a red state was somewhat strange. religion is not only palpable: it is overt. in addition to churches on every corner, every fifth billboard is of jesus. it made me realize that religion -- for all intents and purposes -- is invisible on the east coast.

(pic is of the gateway arch)

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At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just as religion is pretty much absent from my beloved east coast, i suppose intellectualism (and thus anti-intellectualism) is absent in the midwest. Conversation in these here parts are simple--- simply because there is no culture or education in this god forsaken wasteland. the midwest: mecca of the illiterati.


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