Friday, August 11, 2006

big wheels keep on turning

summer is almost over and i don't know what the fuck i've done with my time.

actually, i know precisely what i've done: gone to the sbarro's in pittsburgh international to the sbarro's in o'hare. way too much travelling this summer: grenada to pit, pit to philly, pit to bangalore, various useless trips within india, and then -- shockingly -- pit to alabama (birmingham).

at the outset of the summer, i was dreading that voyage to the dirty dirty: last thing i needed was to return from the developing world only to spend time in the 3rd world. but it turned out well...submitted a shitload of papers for publication, people were nice, girls dropped it like it was hot, and surprisingly, they had electricity.

no mosquitos. a ridiculous amount of cockroaches.

didn't get a chance to go to the civil rights institute (which i hear is fantastic). spent what little free time i had hustling people at air hockey. i made 500 dollars, unfortunately, all in confederate scrip. the 5 points south area was good dumb fratty fun (they got a ruby tuesday's y'all!!!), and i even drove by talladega.

on the way home, i sat in the back of the 737 despite possessing the coveted 'A' southwest boarding pass just to show my solidarity w/ rosa parks. made a quick stop in kentucky on the way back, and let me tell you, it looks like it sucks.

a cheese-biscut engorged jhc.


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