Friday, April 23, 2004

is it just me, or is it getting tougher and tougher to meet whores?

according to this little ditty about online dating, it fortunately is just me. the article also adds more ammunition to the rampant speculation that women are insane.

specifically, speaking to the first point:

Sixteen percent of all male participants reported having had a “purely sexual relationship” with a female respondent. . .Thirty-four percent of all females seeking males. . .reported having had a “purely sexual relationship”.

that's basically a 2:1 ratio of female:male whoredom. strangely, it also means that out of every 100 women, 34 of them are banging the same 16 dudes. what the fuck is up with that? if karl marx wrote about getting laid, this is exactly the kind of shit he would be railing against.

with regards to the second point:

34 percent of all females seeking males. . .stated they were “highly unlikely” or “definitely not” willing to meet online matches in person after a brief online courtship. Only 34 percent of those stated they were more likely to meet an online partner in person after a lengthy courtship.

for you c-level employees that need the executive summary, this means that a full 11% of all women on dating sites have no intention whatsoever to actually fucking date. does this make sense? i'm sure it does if you're a girl.

to bring everything to a tidy conclusion, the combination of these two factors will continue to be the albatross around my neck: pulling me deeper and deeper into a morass of despair and depravity until my dessicated body is eventually found inside the broom closet of a sudanese whore house.

p.s.: torless, perhaps you could expound upon this, but i found the numbers striking. for example, ~10% of the female respondants are superwhores, having more than one purely sexual encounter, while ~10% are superprudes, not even willing to date someone after they put up a personal on a dating site. coincidental symmetry?
even more interesting: a standard deviation contains 68% of a (sub)population, meaning that it excludes 32%. and what number kept popping up with regards to female sexual behavior?: 34%. another coincidence? i don't know, but i'm begining to think that female whoredom is a normally distributed gaussian, with whores being only one sigma away from the average girl. if my math is right, then superwhores are 2 sigmas away.


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