Wednesday, April 14, 2004


if you know me, then you know that i jack off to the possibility of moving the health care industry towards a paperless office. openEMR (electronic medical records) is a GPL'ed project working towards the same goal. it's web based, which i'm actually not that big of a fan of, but i can see the administration benefits. i just think that web apps are kinda kludgey when it comes to flow. i wish i could play around with something like flex or java webstart for creating rich internet applications for emr.

anyway, a couple of clinics that are running openEMR have submitted testimonials that speak very highly of the paperless office in general and openEMR specifically. one of these peeps even uses the tablet pc's that tizza has been yapping about.

from comments, it looks like the product needs some integration with some billing software along with the ability to order and receive lab reports, but the future looks bright for emr and medical informatics in general. at least i hope so.

on a related note, a couple of medical informatics blogs (which is where i picked up on the openEMR success stories).


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