Wednesday, May 12, 2004

hello pot? this is kettle. you black nigga!

as our schizoid, paranoid, narcisstic and avoidant young torless spews his white-power fueled vitriol against neurodiversity in his 'mental disabilities revisited' post, i was reminded of the xanadu project, described most famously in this long but greatly enjoyable early wired article which i encourage you all to read when you get a chance. (how i miss the days before wired was killed by condé nast.)

the amazing xanadu system (which is like the web on steroids) was designed by ted nelson, a man with ADD. the system seems to have been created as a function of nelson's needs as a person with ADD, and i believe that such a system would not have been thought of if it weren't for the existence of such unique needs.

and as for autism, there was that guy, raymond babbitt, who beat the house in vegas and taught his younger brother, tom cruise, what it meant to be part of a family. that was great...


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