Sunday, June 27, 2004

live searches

so it turns out that basically every fucking site on the net provides the search feeds that i shot a load over yesterday.

feedster, daypop, bloglines, and all do it, although bloglines and daypop seem to just provide snips instead of full posts, but you can't really tell if the search engines are snipping or if the actual content producers only provide clips. i'm putting them all head to head with my emacs pubsub to see how they compare.

interestingly, the feedster search feeds also provide icbm data (longitude/lattitude), so you can also track the geographical distribution of memes as they propogate.

on a tangential note, the rss weblog has a series of interviews with people that are involved in the aggregation/syndication biz:

  1. luke hutteman (sharpreader)
  2. mark fletcher (bloglines)
  3. brent simmons (netnewswire)
  4. greg reinacker (newsgator)
  5. nick bradbury (feeddemon)


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