Monday, November 08, 2004

victory: the sweet nectar of the gods

as the pittsburgh steeler's win streak continues to grow, so does the girth of my penis.

the picture below shows hines ward (the greatest carbon based lifeform of all time) saying "get the fuck off me," as he jaunts leisurely into the endzone.


afterwards, he shares a cup of tea with the queen mother. popular conversation topics include: "please pass the cream my dear," and "dick lebeau is a god amongst men."


in case you were not watching the game (most likely because you are a terrorist), the stillers bludgeoned the iggles. i wouldn't say that it became non-fun to watch, but it was borderline disturbing -- morbidly interesting perhaps. in the crease and i found ourselves debating how many players aaron smith will concuss before the season is over.


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