Sunday, June 19, 2005

hubmed tags

warning: spoiler ahead

alf eaton has added a bunch of cool features to hubmed's tagging service. most interestingly, eaton implements what i guess should be considered 'structured-tagging'...that is, a class of tags is imbued with semantic meaning and hubmed provides an interface to interact with these specially tagged items: by prefixing a tag with "list:", one can create a re-orderable set of categorized links (like much of hubmed, the reordering interface is nice and dhtmly).

i think it would also be cool to have a set of structured tags for project management: i'm often juggling multiple projects, each of which relies on a set of articles. having an interface for dealing with a set of information tagged with "for:[project_name]" and/or "priority:[priority_level]" might be useful.

the rdf-like treatment of annotations is also very interesting...i'll definitely be keeping on eye on that...

(pic is of a label stuck on the bridge btwn. 20th and 30th streets on jfk.)


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