Friday, May 06, 2005

you think you can catch keyser soze?

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via the bbc:

A fugitive domestic cat suspected of carrying rabies must be killed, Chile's highest court has said.

The Supreme Court upheld an earlier ruling saying Luz, an angora cat from Valparaiso, should be decapitated.

Now police are searching for Luz after she escaped from an animal detention centre in the port city, west of the capital Santiago.

this cat is the baddest motherfucker of all time. if an entire country (especially one that doesn't have the friendliest of histories) was trying to fucking decapitate me, i would be shitting in my pants. this cat's all like, 'get the fuck off me!' and just strolls out of jail. she doesn't even have opposable thumbs, yet she is fully capable of escaping from jail. this amazes me.

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At 2:41 PM, Blogger dave bones said...

i saw the cat on the bbc link- looks like one bad ass muthafuka. If that cat was relesed over here the government would declare open season.


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