Friday, April 29, 2005

mp3 aggregator & social playlists

tagged truck

waxy quicklinks points to the hype machine, a caching mp3 "aggregator" (of sorts) that is generated from various mp3 blogs. in addition to downloading crap, you can also stream the day's playlist -- although performance was very choppy when i tried today (traffic to the site very well might be spiked right now b/c of the waxing, so i reserve judgement.)

along the same lines in the world of internet audio is alf eaton's playr, which allows you to create streamable playlists of any web-hosted mp3s via bookmarklets. additionally, it uses flickr's authentication & social networking services, enabling you to recommend playlists to your flickr friends. VERY VERY cool shit.

i didn't even know that flickr exposed these services, but -- as playr shows -- this opens the door for boatloads of apps to piggyback on flickr's existing social-nets, thereby lowering the barrier of entry for new social-network based services. (sidenote: maybe the entire social network api should be abstracted away into a seperate service???) i could see this type of piggybacking presenting a problem if you want to allow certain people in one social-net but preclude them from another, but i guess flickr already allows some granularity in their social network: contacts, friends, or family.

(pic is of a tagged up truck, perpetually sitting infront of the chinese grocer on 10th and vine)

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