Friday, April 22, 2005

modern dating


makeoutcity points to an interesting interview w/ rabbi shmuley boteach (author of kosher sex) on modern living & relationships:

I've asked women in female audiences around the world, it's so funny to see this - no matter where you are, be it a non-Jewish audience in the Netherlands two months ago, to Jewish audiences in New York, "who here needs a man?" You will see three or four hands go up. I don't mean three or four percent, I mean three or four hands. And then I say to them, "Do you need a refrigerator?" All the hands go up. The inability to be vulnerable is the problem: it's the depth personality not the surface personality that has to fall in love.

Now that we no longer see love as a need, but as a luxury, what's the definition of a luxury? A luxury always has to be the best. When it comes to necessity, "good enough is good enough." When it comes to luxury: only the best. The luxury items are always Gucci… When love becomes a luxury not a necessity, "nah, I'm not gonna marry anyone. I need the best, because I could live without it. It's not a need." When it comes to food, I don't need the best restaurant. I need food that's good. But if food became a luxury, we'd all go to five star restaurants, because it's not a necessity and we could live without it. We're a generation that's incapable of identifying our core needs.

tangentially, assemble me points to some interesting data from the census bureau's mother's day fact sheet:

25.1: Average age of women when they give birth for the first time — a record high. The average age has risen nearly four years since 1970

a very single jesus h. christos.

(pic is of dalmation mural on 6th btwn. south st. & bainbridge st.)

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