Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Is It Lactose Free or Not?

Over dinner with JHC and Vin Diesal the other night, they suggested that I begin a reoccuring "Is it lactose free or not?" post; as I am intolerant of only three things: 1) lactose, 2) racism, and 3) the Dutch.

I've recently rediscovered a wonderful product from Trader Joe's, Tofutti Cuties. This is apparently only the tip of the soy-based iceberg from Tofutti. They are only about half the size of your regular ice cream sandwich, but are very good. Like most soy-based products I've tasted, they have a bit of a nutty flavor. And since they have zero fat, endulge. Just don't leave them in your friend's freezer just before he goes out of town; then returns after you leave the country.

I'm looking at you farside301, there had better be some left when I return.

Final verdict: 0 Lactaid pills.

NOTE: This scale is based on the number of Lactaid pills necessary to eat the reviewed product. Therefore, vis-a-vis, condordantly, the lower the better.


At 2:38 PM, Blogger Jesus Henry Christos said...

tofutti's "living dairy-free & loving it!" should become your new motto.

t-shirts will be on cafepress shortly...

At 11:46 AM, Blogger farside301 said...

i might just sneak a little lactose into them before you return...


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