Wednesday, May 04, 2005

religion, marriage, divorce, sex, etc., etc., ad nauseum....and jaywalking?


even more infoporn on relationships! what the hell is wrong with me these days?

these stats are via the harper's index:

Ratio of ultra-Orthodox jaywalkers in Israel to secular jaywalkers: 3:1

Percentage of born-again U.S. Christians who have been divorced: 35

Percentage of other Americans who have been: 35

Chances that the divorce of a born-again Christian happened after he or she accepted Christ: 9 in 10

Estimated number of young Christians in 1995 who had pledged to wait until marriage for sex: 2,500,000

Estimated percentage who waited: 12

(pic is of a mononoke-esque streetmeme that i've been seeing everywhere these days...this one was by chris's cafe.)

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