Friday, July 02, 2004

does colin powell have a fortress of solitude?

the dude is seriously fucking turning into superman. first sudan, now north korea.

His words were stark. "We're running out of time", he said, shortly before his meetings with Sudan's president and foreign minister.

"We need to see action promptly because people are dying and the death rates are going to go up significantly in the next several months. We've got to act now, not later. We can't talk. We have to see action."

I think he's shooting death rays at sudanese foreign minister mustafa osman ismail in these pictures:

"Unless we see more moves soon in all these areas, it may be necessary for the international community to begin considering other actions, to include Security Council action," Mr Powell said.
"We see indicators and elements that would start to move you toward a genocide conclusion but we're not there yet," Mr Powell said en route to Khartoum from Turkey.

"We can find the right label for it later, we have got to deal with it now."

Mr Annan has refused to use the term genocide, which would entail a legal obligation for the international community to take action.

so sudan: focus up and get with the program, or we'll bomb the fuck out of you.


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