Saturday, December 11, 2004

another social citation manager for academics

UPDATE: just got an email from the connotea people. it turns out that the service isn't for public consumption yet, but they will let me know when it is officially open for the unwashed masses -- and then i'll point you to the right place...please don't publicise the URL originally in this post until the service officially goes live.:

Connotea is a place to keep links to the articles you read and the websites you use, and a place to find them again. It is also a place where you can discover new articles and websites through sharing your links with other users. By saving your links and references to Connotea they are instantly on the web, which means that they are available to you from any computer and that you can point your friends and colleagues to them. In Connotea, every user's bookmarks are visible both to visitors and to every other user, and different users' libraries are linked together through the use of common tags or common bookmarks.

Connotea was created by Nature Publishing Group's New Technology team. The ideas behind it come from, a general collaborative bookmarking service. Connotea takes this concept and adds some features to tailor it to the needs of scientists. CiteULike is a similar online academic bookmark management service based on, developed independently to Connotea. We're in close contact with CiteULike to ensure that our two systems work well together.

don't forget to check out nurture as well.


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