Saturday, December 11, 2004

google suggests racism

so, by now you've probably all seen google suggest -- start typing shit into the search bar, and it tries to autocomplete for you. simple enough, right? well....not if you are a sociopath like me.

after the normal pleasantries, i try to type in, 'fuck'. no dice. no 'cunt' either (but they do have ann coulter, surprisingly). they do have 'shit'. no 'jenna jameson', but they do have 'jenna haze' , 'aurora snow', and virtually every other porn star you can think of including 'ron jeremy'. no 'bitch', 'cock', or 'blowjob', although they do have 'blow job'.

amazingly, they have virtually every ethnic slur that you can think of: spic, nigger, kike, dothead, gook, etc.

perhaps none of this should be surprising. i'd have to say that the most interesting thing is the level of synonymity that jenna jameson shares with all pornography...


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